Hello Long Lost Love

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As seen by Anonymous. Posted under Imperian as a Funnies log.

Originally posted by Sagron I finally found this long lost gem and thought it deserved to be revisited and reposted, I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

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All is serenity within the Dias manor, hidden high one of the mountains that dominates his private island. The gentle crackle of the fireplace mingles with the sound of Schubert's No. 8 in B minor. Dias himself, in a fine silk smoking jacket and sporting a golden pipe forged from one of his many Olympic gold medals reclines in an opulent leather armchair and toys with his Harvard pin. For long minutes all is tranquility, until the sound of his phone shatters the stillness.

Picking up his sixth generation Iphone, gifted to him by Steve Jobs for inventing telecommunications he confidently intoned, "Dias speaking."

A confident but supplicatory voice issued forth, "Lord Dias this is Barack Obama, I wonder if you had a moment?"

"Please Barry, it was the British royal family I saved and the British who knighted me! It's just Dias!" he responded generously.

"Thank you, and thank you again for getting me elected, I think we both know the U.S was never going to be led by a black guy you didn't vouch for," gushed the President.

"Think nothing of it, Obie, and I hope we're still on for our weekly two on one basketball game this weekend. Maybe this week I'll let you and LeBron score a basket on me..."

"In my dreams Dias, in my dreams," sighed Barack before continuing, "but I'm afraid this is a business call. Your country needs you Dias! Kabul desperately needs a medic who has never been to medical school for a two week tour, because apparently that's how long we deploy people for now."

"Well sir, as long as it in no way interferes with my bashing schedule in Imperian I'll do it!" exclaimed Dias, his mind already fiercely debating how to break the news of his imminent departure to his three super model girlfriends.

"Thank you, and you be careful out there," the president said gratefully before dropping his voice to a whisper, "we need you alive for when we unveil your face on Mount Rushmore."

"Don't you worry about a thing Ba-Hus-O, I and the world will be safe so long as no one PK's me in Imperian!"