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02Mar20130 (0)Crystal Spires1757 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatAnonymous
28Feb20130 (0)Partial Crystal Spires PvP - 2.27.13 - 3pm EST1783 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatAnonymous
27Feb20130 (0)Crystal Spires PvP - 2.26.13 - 11am EST1701 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatAnonymous
21Dec20120 (0)Ixthryn vs. Casimir - Aspalaria Tourney Finals1665 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatAnonymous
23Jun2012+1 (1)AI Battle: Retaliation Warrior vs Maiming Warrior2075 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatSelkrener
31Mar2011+1 (1)Quick Mob + Quest Making Demonstration for Argh2405 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscElvarlyn
31Oct2010+1 (1)Proselytize - Lithmerian NPC Religious Conversion Minigame4311 views, 3 commentsLithmeriaMiscElvarlyn
30Aug2010+2 (2)Bladework Rogue AI Test, Lithmeria1969 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatIviyx
17Jul2010+1 (3)Lithmerian Fishing Preview!2038 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscElvarlyn
18Jun2010+3 (3)Sorcerer Arcanist versus a Rogue2034 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatDagon
18Jun2010+1 (3)Aff tracking and echo/sub use1920 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatDagon
30Mar2010+3 (3)Ship vs Seamonster: First look at Lithmerian Naval PvE!3425 views, 3 commentsLithmeriaCombatElvarlyn
06Mar2010+3 (3)Lithmeria zone walk-through: Lamaar Bay + Lamaar Fortress1877 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscElvarlyn
01Mar2010+1 (1)The Grip and Gripham Village walkthrough1979 views, 2 commentsLithmeriaMiscElvarlyn
09Jan2010+2 (2)Dagon vs Iviyx, Destroyer vs Mutilator2137 views, 2 commentsLithmeriaCombatDagon
09Jan2010+2 (2)Iviyx vs. Dagon, Full Mutilator vs. Destroyer T2 Skills1909 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatIviyx
13Nov20090 (0)Cally vs. Retaliation dummy1784 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatCally
01Nov2009+2 (2)Dagon vs. Warrior AI2067 views, 1 commentsLithmeriaCombatCally
15Aug2009+2 (2)Cally vs. Liraya2008 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatCally
06Aug2009+3 (3)The Battle for Gripham, Teladir vs. Aspalaria3803 views, 1 commentsLithmeriaCombatIviyx
15Jul2009+2 (2)A Tour through Tester Bazaar2602 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscSelkrener
08Jul2009+4 (4)War System: Skirmish over Gripham3160 views, 4 commentsLithmeriaCombatSelkrener
20Jun2009+2 (2)Champion vs Mediator2420 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatSelkrener
16May2009+2 (2)The first taste of combat2882 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatSelkrener
01May2009+1 (3)Lithmerian Smithing2626 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscSelkrener
19Apr2009+2 (2)Meet the Marauder2581 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscSelkrener
09Apr2009+2 (2)Meet the Shaman2727 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaMiscSelkrener
02Apr2009+5 (5)Goblinbane Selkrener and the Afflictable Mobs4142 views, 2 commentsLithmeriaMiscSelkrener
26Mar2009+5 (5)Meet the Arcanist3053 views, 0 commentsLithmeriaCombatSelkrener
18Mar2009+7 (9)Meet the Towerguard2932 views, 3 commentsLithmeriaCombatSelkrener
11Mar2009+7 (9)A first glimpse of ships3691 views, 3 commentsLithmeriaMiscSelkrener