All hail the CLI!

NoGFX (No Graphics) strives to be a resource archive community for online text oriented multiplayer games, MUDs. It currently supports a handful of realms, mainly from Iron Realms Entertainment but also from other talents, like the upcoming Lithmeria. If you are playing, administrating or developing a MUD not yet supported by NoGFX, please Contact me about it and I will gladly add support for it.

Following are the latest user contributions:

11Jun2016Imperian Combat log "Claud/Halvar v Septus/Zadig"
18May2016Imperian Combat log "Claudius v Owyn"
6Apr2016Imperian Roleplay log "She Who Shoots Flirters"
1Nov2015Imperian Combat log "Fensrun vs Iniar"
30Aug20151 comment on "Kaywinett, Kryss and Aquil"
30Aug2015Imperian Funnies log "Kaywinett, Kryss and Aquil"
28Jul2015Imperian Funnies log "Rennyn Loves Anita"

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