All hail the CLI!

NoGFX (No Graphics) strives to be a resource archive community for online text oriented multiplayer games, MUDs. It currently supports a handful of realms, mainly from Iron Realms Entertainment but also from other talents, like the upcoming Lithmeria. If you are playing, administrating or developing a MUD not yet supported by NoGFX, please Contact me about it and I will gladly add support for it.

Following are the latest user contributions:

5Dec2017Achaea Misc log "Grinding to 80"
24Oct2016Achaea Roleplay log "A Blademaster's Blade"
23Oct2016Lusternia Combat log "Death Prophesy"
23Oct2016Achaea Roleplay log "Achaea Death Sequence"
11Jun2016Imperian Combat log "Claud/Halvar v Septus/Zadig"
18May2016Imperian Combat log "Claudius v Owyn"
6Apr2016Imperian Roleplay log "She Who Shoots Flirters"

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