Shukron Lightning Fight or something

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As seen by Anonymous. Posted under Imperian as a Combat log.

Submitting this for Shukron or something. I am not shukron.

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Comment #1 by tonykunz@xxx at 26 May 2010.

He's sippin' mana for 120-134. He didn't even sip health the entire fight. :(

Comment #2 by mralexcummings@xxx at 27 May 2010.

Guess this is suppose to show you what a grove and lots of artifacts do

Comment #3 by Vetalya@xxx at 27 May 2010.

He'll be replacing Aten soon as the the guy who smashes his win macro.

Comment #4 by Shukron_United@xxx at 27 May 2010.

Naturally, the comments will be posted. Though, it's not a macro. It's accelerators. As far as the post goes, I was unable to post it on the Forums due to the Registration process. Apparently the forums don't allow Yahoo users. I wonder did the - *chin.