The Eye

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As seen by Lin. Posted under Aetolia as a Roleplay log.

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(Congregation): You say, "Diancecht."

-- Diancecht: cotell what?
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "What?"

-- Diancecht: cowho

(Congregation): You say, "Please explain to me why Lady Omei despises the Undead."

-- Diancecht: cotell they don't dream
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "They don't dream."

-- Diancecht: cotell anything else?
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "Anything else?"

(Congregation): You say, "What else does there need to be? Why is this

-- Diancecht: cotell why are you asking me
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "Why are you asking me."

(Congregation): You say, "Why are you here?"

-- Diancecht: wt ..and now he's feeling up his daughter

A large scientific laboratory.
A ruddy farmer with a sharp pitchfork stands here, eyeing you warily. Ghada
stands here awkwardly on a leg, her hands folded into the burnt sleeves of her
robe. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
There are 15 brass ingots here. A stout donkey stands patiently by, waiting for
a burden. A pathfinder bobs about in a circle, flexing its long wiry antennae.
Diancecht Zann is here. Arch Duchess Alyssn D'baen is here. She wields a wicked,
curved scalpel in her left hand. Imparter Larissa Kizatiy-Krough is here. Dark
Scholar, Evilo Krogh-Nebre'seir is here. He wields an ivory scalpel in his left
hand and a tower shield in his right.
Exits: northeast.
(!) Ghada needs pinchers for her experiments.
Quest Action: sell pincher to ghada (Type QA to execute a Quest Action.)
You have gained the blindness defence.

-- Diancecht: cotell personal reasons
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "Personal reasons."

-- Diancecht: emote sighs and hands another bundle of thread to alyssn to begin
the process of restitching all the cuts shut

(Congregation): You say, "You were a lackluster Councilor. You spied on
Damariel's Order. You manage to follow me everywhere I go and I have never, once,
seen you show a mote of respect or effort. Not the way I have."

(Congregation): You say, "Why are you here?"

You reach out and read the mind of your subject.
+ Diancecht Zann ------------------------------------------------------------+
| Race:   Rajamala          | Health:  4876/4612  | Endurance: 21960/21960   |
| Sex:    Male              | Mana:    3272/3028  | Willpower: 14040/14040   |
+ LEVEL --------------------------------| NEXT LEVEL ------------------------+
| 3rd Rank of the Infinite (88)         | 67.88% (50910099/75000000)         |
+ RANKINGS -----------------------------+------------------------------------+
| Experience:  Forfeited                | Combat: Unranked                   |
| Exploration: a Hunter of the Lost World (#265)                             |
+ ORGANIZATIONS ------------+ RANK ------------------------------------------+
| Guild:    Syssin          | An Archer (GR 3)                               |
+ GENERAL INFORMATION ------+------------------------------------------------+
| You are 174 years old.                                                     |
| You were born on the 20th of Severin, 178 MA.                              |
| You are of the Syssin class.                                               |
| Your mentor is Ciela.                                                      |
| You are a mentor and can take on proteges.                                 |
You are holding:
a hard bone tinderbox, 100 sleek, obsidian colored vials, a suit of scale mail,
3 intricately carved cypress pipes, a menacing flail.
You are wearing:
a secure brass keyring, a durable black pack, a supple black weaponbelt, a pair
of scraggy rope bound trousers, a bag of stasis, a ruined black cloak.
You have 49 types of items in the cache.
You possess 112 items.

  Diancecht     A large scientific laboratory                     (20799)
  Eyolf         Standing before the spiraling pylon of Spinesreach(20781)
  Alyssn        A large scientific laboratory                     (20799)
  Lin           A cleared plot of land                            (18942)
  Larissa       A large scientific laboratory                     (20799)
  Evilo         A large scientific laboratory                     (20799)
  Ishin         The Inner Gate of Spinesreach                     (5248)

-- Diancecht: cotell show respect to you? not particularly. i don't follow you
anywhere, i was a damn good councilor, and so what if we're not showing the same
kind of effort? we aren't the same person and i'm very thankful of that
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "Show respect to you? Not particularly. I don't
follow you anywhere, I was a damn good Councilor, and so what if we're not
showing the same kind of effort? We aren't the same person and I'm very thankful
of that."

(Congregation): You say, "I didn't mean respect to -me-, you nitwit."

(Congregation): You say, "Do you even wish to be in Her Order? Do you wish to
serve Her? Do you have any intention of trying?"

-- Diancecht: cotell i told you a few moments ago. i'm here for personal reasons.
the nightmare invited me, and unless she tells me to leave i have no intention
of going anywhere. anything else you wanted to discuss, or just that?
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "I told you a few moments ago. I'm here for
personal reasons. The Nightmare invited me, and unless She tells me to leave I
have no intention of going anywhere. Anything else you wanted to discuss, or
just that?"

(Congregation): You say, "Who do you think you are speaking to? I am not some

-- Diancecht: cotell and i'm not just standing around waiting patiently to speak
to you. i have things to do and things to work on, and you're interrupting them.
this doesn't exactly seem very important right now
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "And I'm not just standing around waiting
patiently to speak to you. I have things to do and things to work on, and you're
interrupting them. This doesn't exactly seem very important right now."

(Congregation): You say, "Like playing with your disgusting vampire friends."

(Congregation): You say, "Divine Orders are managed by mortals. Us. -Me-. She
will not hold your hand and keep you safe from big, bad Lin. I asked Her to slay
you, and She thought it would be funny!"

(Congregation): You say, "Decide where you want to be. Decide what you are going
to put effort into. Quit wasting everyone's time - it is embarassing."

-- Diancecht: cotell perhaps. is there anything else you want to discuss?
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "Perhaps. Is there anything else you want to

(Congregation): You say, "Not at all. Enjoy the congregation while you can. It
is all you will see."

-- Diancecht: cotell interesting. if i haven't done anything, how am i wasting
your time beyond you insisting on this conversation?
(Congregation): Diancecht says, "Interesting. If I haven't done anything, how am
I wasting your time beyond you insisting on this conversation?"

--> congregation remove diancecht
: Diancecht has been removed from the Congregation.

-- Diancecht: say to larissa you're going to be, for quite a while

-- Diancecht: t omei well. i suppose that was fun while it lasted.

Most recent tells:
1 . Omei: "Claims."
2 . Lin: "I cannot possibly comprehend what he means by that."
3 . Levi: "I get the feeling he is not going to be able to talk for a while."
4 . Lin: "If I was not doing what I am currently doing my first instinct would
be to tear his throat out."
5 . Omei: "Shh, sh sh sh. He has put his *mind* up for gamble."
6 . Levi: "Are we still defiling Ivoln's shrines?"
7 . Lin: "I would see no good reason not to - just remember, we are few in
number and at this point it is little more than harassment."
8 . Llok: "You know, I think we could make good use of Moirean."
9 . Llok: "I shall bid a sum of money for her in this auction and then see what
the Nightmare would have her do! Could be an interesting little game."
10. Levi: "I am already working with her to try to kill Ison and some of Ivoln's
11. Llok: "Hopefully I soon will be able to rejoin the fun of fighting."
12. Llok: "All well?"
13. Lin: "Very well."
14. Llok: "Good good!"
15. Lin: "Aha, ha ha! What is it, Mother!"
16. Omei: "I was *bored*... dreadfully *bored*."
17. Lin: "Torture Diancecht!"
18. Lin: "People tend to want to moralize and quantify things, and it really
takes all the fun out of it."
19. Lin: "Mother!"
20. Lin: "Hurry!"

-- Diancecht: emote starts to walk away before stopping for a moment to turn,
withdrawing a syringe from his pocket and stabbing it into larissa's thigh,
emptying the contents with a nod

-- Diancecht: incline

Before the Spirean Institute. (road)
The stars twinkle in the clear night sky. A small obelisk of translucent onyx
has been raised here, a golden plaque affixed upon its surface. A sewer grate
looms darkly beneath your feet. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular
monolith is on the ground. There are 2 cabalists of jherza here. Leaning calmly
on his staff, a Guardian of the Master Crystals stands here. Quiet and unmoving
as stone, a lupine Atabahi stands guard here. There are 2 farmer with a
pitchforks here. Diancecht Zann is here.
Exits: north (open pine door) and south.
You have gained the blindness defence.

(Order): You say, "Mm. Suppose you heard that."

(Order): Llok says, "Noooope."

2012/01/27 03:54:20 - Rictus has left the Congregation.
2012/01/27 10:31:43 - Diancecht has been removed from the Congregation.

(Order): You say, "Ah, well then."

(Order): Llok says, "Just woken up in my haven, have I missed anything

(Order): You say, "Removing rabble from the congregation."

(Order): You say, "You also missed a divine wrestling match between Mother and
the Lady Lleis. It was... breathtaking."

(Order): You say, "I am being very literal."

(Order): Llok says, "Diancecht the little Syssin?"

(Order): You say, "He took just a little time from playing doctor with his
vampire friends to mouth off to me like some insignificant sibling."

(Order): Llok says, "He had purpose."

(Order): Llok says, "Now we have to find a new one."

(Order): You say, "You really do not know him that well. He is more than useless."

(Order): You say, "By the gods, he was in Damariel's order when I was. He was a -

(Order): Llok says, "Mmmmm, Omei wanted him."

(Order): You say, "She wants everyone, Llok."

(Order): Llok says, "But she wanted a little Syssin. Do you have

(Order): You say, "I can give her a man one hundred times his worth."

(Order): Llok says, "A little Syssin?"

(Order): You say, "What does it matter if it is a Syssin!"

(Order): You say, "If she wishes for playthings, for toys, she has the entire
world to choose from! They do not need to make half-assed attempts to spread for
Her. They cannot work for Her."

(Order): You say, "That should be a -privilege-."

(Order): Llok says, "I am the Eye, I see things you do not and am partial to
things that you are not."

(Order): You say, "You can hardly see over your own prick, do not give me that."

(Order): Llok says, "Then you know why She wants a Syssin, yes?"

(Order): You say, "Eeerragh! No, I do not!"

(Order): Llok says, "I know you didn't. I know you don't see. I know you're not
privileged. I won't hold it against you, little toy. She might. I hope she does."

(Order): You say, "I cannot -imagine- She wants him for a spy. He told me you
sent him to spy on people, he could not even remember who. He cannot read a
man's mind, it is ridiculous."

(Order): Llok says, "Why do you assume on behalf of a Nightmare, little

(Order): You say, "I am... not..."

(Order): You say, "Tell me this, -Eye-. Do you know what Her temple looks

(Order): You say, "Have you seen it?"

: Diancecht has joined the Congregation.

(Order): Llok says, "If it is as is, yes. If it isn't, no. Do you believe that
so valid, little toy?"

(Order): Llok says, "Omei has a purpose, little toy."

(Order): You say, "When you call me 'little toy,' is it jealousy? Or do you use
it to continually establish your superiority?"

(Order): You say, "Ask yourself why She has not shown you Her temple, while you
sit up there in your haven."

(Order): Llok says, "I am an old toy, not a superior one."

(Order): You say, "... Right, then."

(Order): Llok says, "You are a source of drama, I can see why She likes you."

(Order): You say, "You -are- a fan of throw-away words, aren't you. I am
learning your language. I will be fluent in it soon."

(Order): Llok says, "Want to know my biggest service to the Nightmare,

(Order): You say, "Speak it."

(Order): Llok says, "Stopping myself from tearing you to pieces."

(Order): Llok says, "I don't know why, I want to like you but you infuriate me."

(Order): You say, "You do not like anyone who speaks their mind, I imagine. No
one does."

(Order): You say, "Doubly so when they appear to have no respect for authority
or seniority."

(Order): Llok says, "Maybe that is it. I did not prejudge you when you prejudged

(Order): You say, "There was no prejudging. You spoke at length, then I judged."

(Order): Llok says, "No, no, we barely spoke before Ingram and your thoughts on
that matter."

(Order): You say, "To be perfectly honest, Llok, I have come to enjoy goading
you. There is a capriciousness to Mother that I have begun to cherish. She may
appear childish at times, but there is a method to Her madness!"

(Order): You say, "I have often wished you -would- come and try to tear me apart,
rather than bottling those emotions inside. Is that not indulgence, my

(Order): Llok says, "Mmmm, one of the few sense of duties I act on is essence,
these days. I die enough at lessers as my desire to not cost the Nightmare more
essence is greater than my desire for your blood."

(Order): You say, "Tcha! Then disturb me no further."

The following members of the Congregation are in the realm:
Name                Status

(Order): You say, "And I will consider you responsible for Diancecht's actions.
Believe me, I know this man - you will regret him."

(Order): Llok says, "A source of regret other than you will be good for me, I
think. Balance, as it were."

(Order): You say, "Sorry, my friend. Omei wanted a little toy."
H|4830 M|5737 E|100% W|100% X|75.64% (cfdb) (ehsm) eb lr k|0 -