About NoGFX

NoGFX is an abbrevation for "No Graphics", which does a good job reflecting the purpose of this site. It is a community and resource site for MUD players. MUD is another abbrevation meaning "Multi User Dungeon" or "Multi User Dimension", which is basically your prehistoric MMO (meaning "Massive Multiplayer Online", think World of Warcraft).

While some (most) people think of MUDs as a thing of the past and quickly discard them based on the lack of fancy 3D graphics, the devout MUD player sees something where others fail. Just like how some prefer the book, while others hit the movies, often even ignorant of the existance of the original book version, MUD players tends to look beyond and even embrace the interface, to play the actual game and interact with the fantastic world "hidden beneath".

For anyone still left in the cold, dark, absence of MUDs, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a few hours to dive in and see what it is all about! Simply visit either of the supported MUDs below and follow their further instructions to get started.

Supported MUDs

Following are the MUDs which NoGFX supports. If you are missing your favourite one, or even your own, please feel free to Contact me about it and we can work something out!

Achaea - "It's a very real world and very fascinating." - G4/TechTV. "Simply put, Achaea is one of the best MUDs on the internet." - TimeWastersGuide.com. Come find out why. Free to play! From Iron Realms Entertainment.

Aetolia - Dark fantasy MUD of epic depth and quality. Incredibly complex and deep PvP, numerous player classes including vampires, warfare and diplomacy, extensive craft and trade. From Iron Realms. Free to play!

Imperian - From Iron Realms Entertainment! Experience this unique world with intense player combat, a wide range of skills, and constant development. Dance politics in 6 nation-states, 16 guilds, multiple orders, or forge your own path. Free to play!

Lusternia - From Iron Realms Entertainment! This incredible MUD includes over 600 quests, 700+ abilities/spells, intense PvP combat, customizeable player governments, dynamic economy, and an emphasis on extra-planar travel. Free to play!

Tears of Polaris - A galaxy living an uneasy era of devious intrigue and violent warfare, meticulous discovery and careless exploration. Populated by eight varied species of sentient beings, and under the rule of three distrustful stellar empires, the galaxy is both large enough for every man's dream, and too small to fit all its competing factions. Now in development from Iron Realms Entertainment.

Lithmeria - An innovative MUD set in a war-torn world of high fantasy and intrigue. Battle on land and sea, participate in deep roleplay, explore and discover ever-changing quests in a living, breathing world. In development by Brilliant Disaster Games.

The development

NoGFX was launched in the summer of 2006. It was initially just thought to serve as something to do for the final exam of a PHP course, but as interest in the site grew, my own interest in keeping it alive grew with it. Log filters were added to easier find the log you were looking for, an in-game bot was programmed to authenticate MUD characters, a voting system was introduced for easier judgement of log quality, to mention a few improvements over the course of a year.

I still have loads and loads of ideas for NoGFX of which I will implement some every now for quite some time more. This site will grow along with its usage and the interest and need in new and expanded functionality. If you have an idea which you think would make this a better site, please do not hesitate to Contact me about it. I am always open to feedback!