Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get an avatar of my own?

Since NoGFX by nature seeks to minimize its graphics usage, we are employing the services of a third party avatar provider - Gravatar ( Go there, register your email and configure your avatar settings at their site, to have it shown at NoGFX and all other sites using the Gravatar service. Of course, you need to use the same email address at Gravatar as the one you have registered at NoGFX.

What is and how do I use control codes?

In various locations of NoGFX you will be able to use control codes to shape the text as you see fit.

To create bold text, simply surround the text with double stars, **like this**.
Surround your text with double slashes, //like this//, to use italics.
To get underlined text, use double underscore characters, __like this__.

Please remember the "first-in-last-out" principle, where **__text**__ is incorrect and may not work for you, but instead **__text__** is preferred.

How do I create logs?

There is a multitude of ways to create your own logs, both depending on requirements and your choice of client. On most clients you can simply click and mark the text you want to share and then copy/paste that right into NoGFX. That method is quick and good for posting smaller snippets of events, but not very viable for longer logs or colored logs. Instead, please check out the client specific tutorials below!

There are currently no client specific tutorials available.

Which log formats can I use?

Currently NoGFX supports plain text and ANSI color logs, as well as KMuddy and Charbal HTML logs. If you wish to see support for a format which is not currently implemented, please feel free to Contact me about it.

How do I get colored logs?

To get sexy, colored logs you will need to log in a format which handles that. This means either ANSI or HTML, of which ANSI is preferred both because that format is exactly what your MUD client recieves from the MUD, making it easier for NoGFX to show correctly, but also because it is generally smaller in size. For information on how to log in the specific formats, please see "How do I create logs?".

How frequently asked are these questions really?

Yeah, alright.. I admit - I made them all up! That being said, if you find yourself wondering about any aspect of NoGFX, please feel free to use the Contact form to send me the question and I will do my best to help you sort it out.