Jarrus and Ruca 2

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You kiss Ruca, your tongues dancing with each other in melting passion.

You have emoted: Jarrus gets you to lie on your back and he gets up and lies on the other side of
the bed, his face facing right between your legs. Jarrus nuzzles your wet juicy pussy and he kisses
on it slowly and tenderly right off the bat, his mouth wrapping around your wet lips sucking on them
as his tongue slowly slinks outwards, stretching to your entrance and the tip of his tongue licks
around gathering any mixed up cum juices that are there as some has clearly leaked out. He takes
both hands and he scoops his first two fingers inside your slick pussy hole gather ing u more and he
reaches it out up to you, for you to taste. Jarrus's tongue swirls around the entrance hole, the tip
just gong inside your oozing pussy.

Ruca pushes her her mound up against your mouth as you scoop your fingers and dip them into her warm,
slick channel. her fingers weaving through your hair and wrapping loosely around your dreads. She
tugs lightly on your dreads, moaning quietly as you suckle on her clit and her slick netherlips. She
lifts her knees up higher toward her and bucks her cunt into your wet mouth. "Yes baby, yes yes
yes!" she moans, licking her lips as you gather up her nectar on your tongue.

You have emoted: Jarrus licks on your clit and upper pussy hole area eagerly now. He dips his tongue
deep inside and licks it around in a big slow circle, scooping up the mixed cums. Jarrus now starts
to tongue fuck you taking advantage of your slick wetness as your cunt is swollen, dripping wet.
Jarrus bobs his head back and forth, his tongue stiff as a board just sliding inside your hole.
Jarrus then curls his tongue shaping it into a scoop now as it dips and slides around cleaning you

Ruca squeals with excitement at you.

Ruca grins her pussy against your mouth happily, holding your head in her hands as she lifts her ass
slightly up off the bed.

You have emoted: Jarrus eagerly sucks on your pussy hole now, his mouth wide open and his tongue
still stiff into a scoop shape as it curls around inside you. Jarrus then straightens it up and
presses the tip of his tongue up against the top of the inside of your pussy hole rubbing and
licking on the top part now inside your pussy. He keeps pressing his tongue on there and a finger
runs across your little tight pucker as you lift your bum off the bed pulling his head closer into
your pussy.

Ruca's pussy swells up so nicely under your tongue and she tenses up, her breathing quick and she
pants heavily as she cums into your mouth. "Mmmmm.. yes baby.." She licks her lips and moans,
rolling her hips against you.

You have emoted: Jarrus rubs his face all over your pussy as you cum for him on his mouth and face.
Your sweet nectar spilling all over his cheeks, mouth, and nose. Jarrus eagerly drinks it up licking
and sucking on your pussy hole just at the entrance. "Oh yes baby, just like that. You are such a
good baby."