The Grip and Gripham Village walkthrough

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As seen by Elvarlyn. Posted under Lithmeria as a Misc log.

This is something of a trial attempt, as we're still very unsure about what it is exactly people want to see. The Grip was one of the first areas to be designed and lacks many of the fancier features that were added to the building engine since then.

The log primarily consists of me walking around The Grip, getting beat up by some bandits and then explaining how the Gripham Village PvP objective will work. Those who have been following Lithmeria for a while will recognize Gripham from when we fought over it in these logs:

We welcome all feedback and questions at our forums: and we especially invite you to come and tell us what you'd like to see in future zone walkthroughs. The next one should be up on Monday.

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Comment #1 by dgroz093@xxx (author) at 1 March 2010.

Hmm, seems the ANSI color logging didn't fully work. In the actual game, the maps have a lot more color and look properly square.

Comment #2 by tobias.sjosten@xxx (admin) at 1 March 2010.

Great sneak peek!

As for the technical problems - please email me the original log and I'll have a look.