Kaywinett, Kryss and Aquil

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Kaywinett says, "I just think that... if I can get past it, why not, right? Can have me and others, and if we're both happier for it, then why not try?"

Kryss Miyumae says, "If if if."

Kryss rubs her nose.

Kryss Miyumae says, "Seems risky, your love isn't worth gamblin'"

Kaywinett shakes her head.

Kaywinett says, "Can't gamble it."

Kaywinett says, "I might just have... y'know, some... feelin's that I'll need to talk about and.. maybe sometimes I'll need to take a break from her."

Kaywinett says, "But there's no risk of our love bein' any less."

Kryss Miyumae says, "I'm not saying we should just like, love her like we love each other. Even in open relationships I don't think that can just happen."

Kryss Miyumae says, "And besides, with us that could never happen.."

Kaywinett nods slowly.

Kryss Miyumae says, "You're on a different planet from everyone else."

Kaywinett says, "The moon?"

Kaywinett says, "I like the moon."

Kryss Miyumae says, "Totally the moon."

Kaywinett nods her head.

Kryss Miyumae says, "I dunno why I like her, something about her appeals to me though. Guess that's it."

Kaywinett nods slowly.

Kryss Miyumae says, "Infact, I dunno anything."

Kaywinett says, "And that's how it is, sometimes."

Kaywinett says, "And.. I'd really like to like her, too, and to be in that state with you."

Kaywinett says, "And for the three of us to have fun and stuff."

Kryss Miyumae says, "Yeah because then we'd be sharing our feelings. Not only with her but like.. the feeling of love between us would be.. stronger for the sharing."

Kryss Miyumae says, "It makes sense in my warped muddle mind."

Kaywinett nods slowly.

Kaywinett says, "So, I want to try."

Kryss nods slowly.

Kaywinett says, "And you should not only let me, but.. y'know, help. Which entails nothing more than what you've already been doin', cause you're amazing."

Kryss Miyumae says, "You're my first, my first real love. First and only."

Kryss Miyumae says, "Before you I hadn't lived."

Kaywinett smiles softly, nodding at Kryss.

Kaywinett says, "I feel that way, too."

Kryss Miyumae says, "The feelings I have for Aquil are nothing compared to that. They're flirty and affectionate but what we have isn't just love, it's something.."

Kryss Miyumae says, "That words can't describe."

Kryss Miyumae says, "Rrrrr!"

Kaywinett wraps her arms around herself, shivering violently as she lets out a frigid "Brrrr."

Kryss Miyumae says, "Silk, satin, blah blah blah."

Kryss Miyumae says, "I. Do. Not. Want. Silky. Underwear."

Kryss rues the constraints of life.

Kaywinett says, "Silk silk silk."

Kaywinett says, "Dreamy two-shakes!"

Aquil doesnt notice your blushing and only feels your hands pressing her closer, so she continues her gentle nuzzling and pressing her lips to the flesh shown from your dress above your breasts and under your neck. One hand reaches to the top of your back while the other moves just above your hips as she strokes gently. "Hehe, my name isn't very unique though. Not sure why my parents named me this." She giggles as she gives your chest another light rub with her nose and lips. "But we all have each other's back, and we're all going to be the best. No matter where we go, or where we end up. A team, and together and strong!" She smiles happily to herself, enjoying the solitude between you two.

Kaywinett takes a deep breath, hugging your head against her, letting it all out in a happy little sigh, "You've got the right mindset about it, hon." She nuzzles her mouth and nose against the top of your head, pecking little kisses against your scalp. "And Aquil is a pretty name. Just as unique as Kaywinett," she says with a reaffirming nod. "A pretty name for a pretty young lady!"

Aquil blushes deeply at the praise at her name, the hot flush of her face easily passing from her skin to yours. "T-thanks.. I do like it, just sometimes I wonder what my parents were thinking." She gives a small smile, happily giggling as she rubs the top of her head against your lips, the chestnut strands of hair tickling your skin. Her hands continue to rub the top of your back as well as the bottom, being certain not to touch anywhere she isn't supposed to. Her hips sway back and forth, enjoying the closeness and the feel of your tail around her. "You're so warm.." She murmurs, closing her eyes as she cuddles against you.

"They were thinking of birds. Like you were during the game last month." Kaywinett giggles, muffled against your hair, "Or maybe they just knew it'd fit." Her tail wraps gently around your lower back, ending on the other side by yur hip where it flicks up and down at the tip. Your touch along her back causes her to shiver slightly, and she arches a bit to get more of your touch. "Good for snugglin'," she affirms. Her arms, draped over your shoulders to as to cradle your head against her chest, curl inward, hands gently rubbing at your upper back in a small massage, "Want to play a game?"

Aquil giggles back at the little joke as she gives a small shaky breath, her body trembling at a barely noticeable quiver as she notes your reaction to her touch. A bit more confident in that she's doing alright she presses the tips of her fingers flatter and starts to rub a bit more, hands slipping under the cloak to rub against the thin material of the dress. She continues to sashay her hips for your tail around her, and you hear a gentle coo as you cradle her head against your chest. "Yes.. I like games." She responds truthfully, eyes still shut as she listens to your heartbeat.

"It's called truth or truth," Kaywinett says, adopting a very serious voice, which only wavers slightly due to your touch. She shifts a bit to allow your hands under her cloak a bit more easily, "It's much like truth or dare, except in this game, you have the option of truth or truth. I've found it makes the game very complex." She nods throughout her explanation, unable to suppress a smile that you can feel from the way her cheek presses against you. "Kryss and I played it a lot as we were getting to know one another, so I thought that we could do the same," she whispers with a hopeful sound in her voice. "You can go first, if you'd like to play."

Aquil smiles as she opens her eyes up and tilts her head back to look at you. "I'd love to play." She whispers happily before resting her head against your chest, listening to your heartbeat once more. You giving her ease of access to your back lets her hands dance across the dress gently rubbing and soothing as she rubs you intimately. "What is your favorite color?" She asks gently to start it off, her lips pressing to the skin shown above your chest as her warm lips tickle you as you feel a small sigh of happiness escaping her lips.

Kaywinett A happy smile crosses her lips at the little kiss, and she gives you a warm snuggle in return, hugging you close against her before her arms drop from your shoulders, one of her hands moving to rest on your hip. Her fingers slip underneath her tail, which continues to flick back and forth by your side. "Purple," she says confidently, "Like a dark purple. Like the royalty kind. But I don't like royalty, so.. go figure." She cranes her neck back a bit to look down at you, her free hand coming up to gently stroke your hair as she watches you happily, "Oh, I forgot to mention, you need to answer any question you ask. Kryss and I came up with that one."

Aquil shivers as her nails seem to press into your back slightly as if in surprise at your hand against her hip but doesn't stop sashaying gently from side to side. As she relaxes and gets used to your hand there you're almost certain you can feel her blushing furiously. "O-oh.. Um, black. If you consider that a shade then I prefer Crimson." She whispers with just enough voice for you to hear. The hand through her hair and the hand on her hip seems to make her coo again happily, her own hand on your lower back gently dipping down as if testing new waters. "For blood I guess. Next would be green. Black, red, green." She whispers with a small nod, nuzzling your chest in the process once more.

"Black's a color as much as any other," Kaywinett acknowledges before you continue, but she caps it off by repeating your order, "Black, red, green," making a little mental note of it. Her hand strokes down your hair, smoothing out any unruly strands she may come across, and taking a brief moment to pinch and tease at the tips of your Sylayan ears, watching all the while as she tests and examines you a little. Her back arches as your hand dips, offering up a little reassuring gesture for you to proceed. Her own hand at your hip, slips just halfway under the hem of your shirt, a couple fingers and her thumb being all that touches your bare skin. "So," she says, her voice a little lower in tone, distracted from all of the wonderful little affections between the two of you, "Have you had feelings, crush or otherwise, for anyone but Kryss and I?"

Aquil gives a small whimper as your thumb slips under her skirt and panties, touching her bare hip. Her own hand rests over your bottom as she gives it a gentle squeeze, her breathing starting to quicken. The moment you pinch and tease the tip of her ears a gentle moan escapes her lips before her lips clamp shut - the feeling of burning from her cheeks spreading to your chest as you discover her most sensitive area. "N-no.." She stammers out as she tries to control her breathing, her hips still rocking for your hands to feel as if constantly teasing and suggesting. "No one has even caught my attention. You two are perfect and amazing." She says sheepishly, her hand on your upper back reaching up to your neck as she rubs the back of it gently while her hand on your bottom gives another squeeze before moving to your sides. "Besides, I don't think I'd ever need anyone else in my life with you two in it." She whispers again, trying to regain her composure. "Do you prefer chests or bottoms?" She seems to ask hesitatingly before answering herself. "I prefer bottoms.." Her whole face going red and you can easily see the tips of her ear going red. Not just from your pinching as the other ear turns that soft shade of red as well.