A Blademaster's Blade

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As seen by Anonymous. Posted under Achaea as a Roleplay log.

The name and description of the blade, as well as the reagants required to forge it, are completely randomised.

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You request a specially forged blade from Murad. The blacksmith nods, assessing your height and weight, gauging your body mass and centre of balance, and taking some measurements. Jotting down a few notes, the blacksmith assembles his tools in preparation for forging.

Placing a lump of iron and a fiery reddish orange rose into the forge alongside a length of steel, Murad pumps the bellows to increase the temperature of the roiling furnace.

Murad draws the heated materials from the forge, folding the metals together upon an anvil with heavy strikes of his hammer.

Sweat flies from Murad's brow as he repeats the folding process, turning and shaping the blade with the skill of an expert craftsman.

Murad dissolves the handful of ashes in a vat of icy water. A hiss of steam rises into the air as he plunges the hot steel into the vat. When it cools, he draws the blade from the water and carefully dries the steel with a cloth.

Selecting a few materials from his workbench, Murad finishes the handle of the sword and affixes it with a pommel to balance the weapon. With expert precision, he grinds the blade of the sword against a wheel to impart a razor-sharp edge.

Murad polishes the steel with a fine cloth, inspecting the blade for any imperfections. Finding none, he turns and reverently presents the sword to you with both hands.
Murad exclaims, "I give you Ascending Echo!"

Forged from a flame-touched alloy of the finest steel and iron, this blade exhibits a soft curve along its length, accentuated by a runed groove carved into the metal. The short tang is encased by a grip of white snakeskin in an intricate double diamond pattern. Rounding off the grip is a square pommel fashioned from ivory, affording perfect balance to this masterfully crafted weapon.