Grinding to 80

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Ruca's eyes wander over your body as well, and she licks her lips briefly as she gazes upon your
manhood. She leans back and rests her weight on her palm, spreading her legs slightly as she tucks
her wings against her back. She reaches forward with her other hand for your thick, hard length and
wraps her hand around it once more, her fingers crawling down to the base of your cock where they
stroke and tug at you. She steadies herself as best she can, rolling her shoulders back so her tiny
breasts point directly at you, not once ceasing the steady pace of her hand. Her eyes lock on to
yours, and with a beckoning look and upward tilt of her chin, she whispers, "I want you inside me,

You have emoted: Jarrus picks you up and holds you close.

You have emoted: Jarrus lies you down on some cushions and pillows. He then readies himself as your
legs spread open for him. He looks down at your slick pussy and he rubs the head between your
moistened lips. He then pushes inwards and you can feel his thick cock stretching your tiny hole out
as it starts to slide deep inside you now. Jarrus rubs and presses the thumb of his left hand on
your clit. He lets out a long, soft moan as he feels your hot, tight warmth.

Lifting her knees up closer to her chest, Ruca inhales deeply through her teeth and moans softly,
her warm, slick pussy clenching tight around your cock as you slide into her. She reaches behind her
to grab the edge of a pillow and scooches back slightly, lifting her rear up off of the cushion just
barely when you press your thumb to her clit, not seeming to care that her wings are crumpled up
beneath her. She cranes her neck forward to look down at your cock and watches in awe as you piston
into her over and over again, her pussy becoming wetter with each thrust.

You have emoted: Jarrus keeps his toes pointed straight as they helps him have a spring to his
movements. He slides it inside you ever so deeply, going all the way inside you now, his balls
pressing against your buttcrack. As your knees lift up to your chest, Jarrus holds on to the front
of your shins now then he starts to slide his cock out at an angle, the hard, thick shaft rubbing
and stretching your tight, wet walls. He slides it back inside you again all the way, this time
going faster and harder as he now rotates his cock when its deep inside you, sort of hooking as it
slides back out. He also looks down and watches as his shaft glistens with your wetness.

You whisper to Ruca in a smooth, crisp voice, "You feel so good, Ruca, so good...."

Ruca writhes beneath you, curling her toes in tightly to her feet, squeezing her eyes shut as you
bury yourself deep within her. Her knuckles whiten as she tightens her grip on the pillow behind her
and you can notice her lower lip trembling - the nearly jolting, almost painful pummeling from your
cock causing her to whimper helplessly. She brings her face closer to her knees and slips one of
your fingers into her mouth, suckling eagerly on it and sliding her tongue over your knuckle and
fingertip. She looks up at you with feral eyes, pushing herself against you in rhythm with your
thrusts as if trying to make you hit her deeper and deeper each time.

You have emoted: Jarrus slows his strokes back down, his cock sliding so deep within you now that
the head of his cock is pressing against the back of your walls as he is on top of you. He slides it
slowly, yet very deeply with each passing stroke, sliding it out of your pussy all the way, but
leaving just the head inside you as your pussy walls sucks on the head, then he slides it back
inside you going all the way as the head rubs and presses, kissing your cervix. His cock is so wet
and slides easily in and out, his right index finger being suckled on by your warm, soothing lips,
the thumb of his left hand pressing and rotating on your clit.

Ruca's jaw drops open and her breathing slows as you do, and a warm, tingling wave floods through
her while she milks your slick length from within, the walls of her pussy clamping tight around your
cock, fluttering steadily. She reaches up to hold her small body against you, wrapping her large
grey wings around your form and digs her fingernails somewhat deeply into your shoulders. She rests
her forehead against yours, noses barely touching while she gasps for air, bucking her hips against
you while she moans softly, whispering what sounds like your name.

You have emoted: Jarrus' eyes roll in the back of his head as he feels your sweet nectar drown out
his cock. He slides it inside you deeply one more time, as his cock swells up inside you. Then you
can feel it throbbing and a hot flood of his juices shoot inside you as your tight walls milk his
slick shaft. Jarrus blushes as he keeps sliding it inside you slowly mingling both of your juices
together. Jarrus holds you tightly to him now as he starts to relax.

Ruca engages you in a seemingly endless tender kiss as she rubs against you, relishing the feeling
of you filling her while her hands caress your chest and shoulders. She wraps her legs around your
torso, holds you close and leans in to whisper loving, almost indiscernible things in your ear as
she strokes your scalp tenderly and nibbles on your earlobe.