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As seen by Anonymous. Posted under Imperian as a Roleplay log.

This is the torture and execution of Anarion. Anarion asked to join the Empire and was tortured and executed in order to repay his various crimes. I tried to include a wide variety of people.

In hindsight there are things we could have done better and will improve on next time. Taking turns with the torturers would have been better, as would having a plan going in. Still, winging it has it's own, slightly disturbing charm. We'll do better next time!

- Sagron (Log is from Alaia's point of view. )

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Comment #1 by darknessconsumeusall@xxx at 31 December 2008.

God.. you guys have the best roleplay logs.. fantastic

Comment #2 by dragontheme_tim@xxx at 1 January 2009.

:( Sagron Sagron Sagron. Can I join too please :<

but I promised Kira I wouldn't. :( But Ithaqua sucks. (So does Kira :V)


Comment #3 by dgroz093@xxx (author) at 2 January 2009.

Just apply normally you drama queen. Victor got in. Honest to god Victor.


Comment #4 by dragontheme_tim@xxx at 4 January 2009.

I'll think about it. :/ I hate Ranger class so much.

Comment #5 by cmsutt@xxx at 13 January 2009.

Torture RP is the best RP!